Amazing Toy Story Drive By Parade Birthday Invitation

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Toy Story Drive By Parade Birthday Invitation


Delight your little kids with this Epic Toy Story Drive By Parade Birthday Invitation

This product is for one Toy Story Drive By Parade Birthday Invitation for Girl Birthday, printable and digital file that will be send to your email after your purchase.


In a world where toys are living things but pretend to be lifeless when humans are present, a group of toys, owned by a boy named Andy Davis, are caught off-guard when Andy’s birthday party is moved up a week, as his family (including his mother and infant sister Molly) is preparing to move the following week.

Andy’s toys—including Bo Peep, Mr. Potato Head, Rex the dinosaur, Hamm the piggy bank and Slinky Dog—fear they will be replaced by new toys that Andy receives during the party.

To ease the situation, Sheriff Woody, the toys’ leader and Andy’s favorite toy, sends out army men, led by Sarge, to spy on the party and report the gift arrivals to the other toys via baby monitors. The toys are relieved when the party appears to end without any of them being supplanted by newer toys, but then Andy receives a surprise gift: a Buzz Lightyear action figure.

Buzz thinks he is a real space ranger who has crash-landed on a strange planet. Buzz quickly impresses the other toys with his various features, and Andy begins to favor him, which makes Woody feel rejected compared to the newer, sleeker and more advanced Buzz.

Two days before the move, Andy’s mother tells him that he can only bring one toy to a family outing at the Pizza Planet restaurant.

Knowing that Andy will choose Buzz, Woody attempts to trap Buzz behind a desk but ends up knocking him out of the window, causing most of the other toys (except Slinky and Bo) to accuse Woody of “murdering” Buzz out of jealousy. Before they can exact revenge, Andy arrives and, after failing to find Buzz, takes Woody instead.

When the family stops for gas, Woody finds that Buzz has hitched a ride on their van. The two fight, falling out of the van in the process, and the family drives away, stranding them. After an argument, they manage to reach Pizza Planet by hitching a ride on a delivery truck.

Buzz, still believing he is a real space ranger despite Woody’s attempts to convince him otherwise, gets them stuck in a crane game full of alien toys, where they are retrieved by Andy’s sadistic, toy-destroying neighbor, Sid Phillips.

At Sid’s house, the two watch in horror as Sid steals his younger sister Hannah’s doll, claiming the doll is sick, and then performs “surgery” to replace the doll’s head with that of a pterodactyl.


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